Hi I’m Becca, a former high school teacher turned stay at home mom. Together with my husband, J, we are raising two very active boys and one very sweet Baby Girl. We’re a Catholic family who practices NFP and homeschools. Some people call me busy but I say I’m blessed and in my spare time I love to read and get lost in worlds that include Narnia and Hogwarts. Not only am I an avid reader but when given the chance I love to crochet and am currently working on my knitting skills. On the days that I have dinner prepped early I head out to Zumba in order to keep my chocolate cravings in order.

Becca Headshot

In our family Big D is a dreamer who is my mini me. He loves order and has an obsession with all books. He’s a sports fanatic and when given the choice between football and coloring he’ll choose football every time. Little D is the comedian of the family he loves to laugh and will ask a million whys. He is kind and sweet and loves to discuss legos. Baby G is finding her voice and is often the loudest of the three. She’s a spit fire who loves to get in her brother’s business.


We live in the Land of Enchantment and are surrounded with beautiful sunsets most days. While we don’t have the luxuries of a Target or Costco we are blessed to live in a small town where parades are still held to celebrate the little things. 

Our kids are growing up and we believe that our job is to help raise them to love God and others. Follow along on our journey and feel free to say hello and stay awhile. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of our fave places.