Homeschool Review: Everyday Education,LLC.

I’ve always enjoyed reading and disecting poetry and when I saw that I had a chance to analyze poetry I jumped at it. The Working It Out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert by Everyday Education, LLC., gave me just the chance to delve deeper into poetry that I wanted.


Working it Out was created as a devotional which I loved immediately because it allowed me to both read beautiful poetry and do my daily devotional journaling. As a homeschooling mom it’s really rare for me to have time to work on furthering my love of literature and this book has allowed me to do just that. The book is comprosied of 51 works by the great George Herbert. I must admit it isn’t as in depth as my college level poetry courses but it is so easy to read and such an easy to use as you go text that I really didn’t mind it. As a busy mom I value books that are easy to keep up with and contain beautiful language.

The Author includes:

— The Big Picture: what the poem is about

—The Parts of the Picture: a stanza-by-stanza explication of the poem.

—The Parts of the Picture Come Together: a look at the movement of thought through the poem.
This allows the reader to gain a foundation on the poetry and thus allows the reader to creat their own structure on how to anaylze the beautiful poetry contained within the book. Along with breaking up the poem the author also includes:

—Reflections: questions for personal meditation.

—Scriptures for Further Reflection

These added bonuses help the reader delve deeper if they so wish. They also help the reader think about the beautiful language they are immersing themselves in.  But above all the year long devotional will help the reader grow closer to God. This may mean that the reader is drawing nearer to him through the poetry or that the reader is starting to understand God’s beauty all around. Either way, Working It Out is a great way to help moms and students read beautiful language in their everyday lives.

As a busy mom I often don’t take time to sit and work on my own likes and ambitions but this easy to use poetry book and devotional has helped me. I’ve started spending more time immersed in beautiful language and I’m excited about reading for pleasure once again. I highly recommend this book to the mom who is intimidated by poetry and is unsure about how to teach it in their own homeschoool. I also recommend it to the mom who wants to bring beautiful language back into her own reading.




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