Homeschool Review: Spencer Learning

I love that we have been able to use the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program from Spencer Learning on any computer we have in our house!  The license also allows us to use this with everyone in our household!


It’s a great phonics based computer program that allows Big D to work on some of his homeschool reading. I love the program because it is another way to get him practicing his reading. He likes the program because it is on the computer and he loves to use the mouse. I call it a win win for both of us and it’s a great program to use, especially if your child need reinforcement with their reading.

Big D is still a beginning reader and when I looked at the program I was impressed that it is a downloadable product- if you’d like you can always check out their free trial before you purchase the license. Big D doesn’t have to have access to the internet in order to use the program and I didn’t have to worry about leaving the room for a quick second. I also like that the license is transfarable to any computer in your house. I can be on the laptop and he can be on the desktop or vice versa. It makes schooling that much easier.

Teaching Big D to read has been an adventure and I’ve learned that he learns best when he isn’t overwhelmed with too much going on on the page or the screen. The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program truly is an easy to use system that isn’t overwhelming. The text it large, the sentences are great and the lessons are easy to navigate-even if you are a beginning reader. The program and the lessons are short and you can do as much or as little of a lesson, it all depends on your student.


Overview of What you Get:

  • All 262 lessons
  • All phonics sounds and rules
  • Over 4,400 words
  • Over 2,100 sentences
  • From basic to advanced


Main Features of the program:

  1. A complete systematic phonics program
  2. A huge amount of decodable reading material
  3. A 100% educational, direct learning app
  4. Easy to use, requires no special training
  5. Suitable for all ages
  6. Useful as a main program or a supplement


Overall we’ve been really happy with how the program helps Big D read. During the short review period he has made great gains and he enjoys using the program. The only true down side of the program is that when it reads the word back to you the voice is very monotone and Big D tends to zone out during that part of the lesson or when the sentences are being read aloud to him. What I have decided to do it have him record his own voice saying the words or reading the sentence on another app and it’s worked out better. I’d say if you are on the fence about helping a reluctant and/ or a struggling reader, I’d try out the Ulitmate Phonics Reading Program before looking anywhere else. It is both affordable and easy to use. Just those two things help my homeschool day go smoothly.



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