Homeschool Review- Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner

It’s summer and just about the time when I start to plan out our curriculum for next year and there is one planner I’m loving.  It’s the Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017, a new school planner from The Old Schoolhouse. I’m loving planning out our school year with it.


After using a plain lined notebook to plan out our kindergarten year, I needed something a little different when I started thinking about planning out first grade. My plain planner didn’t have any calendar pages and everytime I wanted to look at a date,  I’d have to look it up on my phone which then distracted me and I’d get lost in the social media world for a while. I also didn’t have a section for my attendace chart so I’d invetiably loose the calendar print out I had printed at the beginning of the semester. It was a messy process and even though I thought I could create the best planner for me by piecing one together, I really wasn’t able to and in order to have a smoother planning phase, I knew I needed a new planner, one which had all the necessary forms for me.

The Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner is just the planner for me, I knew I’d love it when I opened up the package and saw all of the extra planning pages I didn’t know I would even need. When I first opened the planner the beginning section is full of three year at a glance calendars. These are the calendars I used for attendance and always lost. The best part of these is that they are part of the planner, I will never lose the pages again. Speaking of calendars, each month has it’s own full size calendar where I can write dates and appts in. No longer will I get distracted with my phone but now I’m able to plan out co-op days and make notes about important dates. That isn’t even the best part about the calendar section. The best part of the calendar sections is the notes page before every month. Here I can write notes about the books we will be using and any materials I may need for that month.


After getting giddy about the calendars and all of the space to plan and write out notes, I noticed the absolute best part of the planner and that is its Hey Mama! inspirational pages. These pages contain beautiful quotes, verses, and advice to uplift and inspire is Mamas in our homeschool journey.  Each page beings with Hey Mama! and ends with a beautiful heart. The font is gorgeous and the passages can be read over and over again.


Along with the beautiful calendars and inspirtational quotes in the planner every mom will love that there are planning pages where you can plan out your week in blocks. There are even attendance sheets at the back which contain easy to check off attendance blocks. Another favorite page of mine is the Curriculum Planning Sheet which has a spot for all of the info you may need about your curriculum. There’s a section to track the books read by your students and even a section for planning out an academic transcript for your older students.


I love sitting down with this planner and planning out our school year. I highly recommend it to any homeschooling parent and the publishers at The Old Schoolhouse have been so kind to offer my readers a coupon code good for $10 off the Print Planner. Just use the code CREWCODE at checkout and I’d recommend you hurry this planner is hot off the presses and the calendar starts in July 2016.





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