The Pencil Grip, Inc. – A Homeschool Review

The TOS Review Crew is once again making me so excited to review a homeschool product every mom should have in their home. Right now, I am loving these no mess kids art supplies and my kiddos are loving using Kwik Stix 12 pk from The Pencil Grip, Inc. to create their paintings.kwikstix_zps60hsylyh

Art is a tough subject to get plan and exectute in our house because I’m always afraid of the mess. During the first week of homeschooling playdoh and marker covered my kitchen table after our art class and I knew that the mess was going to drive me crazy. After that fiasco, I decided to only do art outside where I could clean up the mess and not worry about it. That all changed this winter when I forgot to take into account the cold days that we would have. Creating a mess stopped me from creating art with the kiddos and for the majority of the winter we didn’t create anything besides drawing in a notebook. Every week the kids would ask me to paint and I’d push it off. In March when the TOS Crew was asked to review these no mess tempra paints called Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. , I knew I had to try them.


When the box arrived I expected a bulky package but when I opened up the box I was so excited to discover actual sticks of paint that were easy to open. Immediately, we opended the paints and got to work. Big D loved creating masterpieces for mom and dad and even the baby got in on the painting. The sticks were easy enough for little hands to hold and weren’t messy. The paint dried in less than a couple of minutes and I loved that when I accidentally dropped a stick on the floor without a lid, I was able to clean up the tile with a little bit of water and a rag. The colors are bright and are easily mixed because they dry so fast. Unlike liquid tempra paint I didn’t have to worry about the kids putting smocks on and having to change clothes.





Another added bonus to being able to review Kwik Stix was The Pencil Grip- Single Grip by The Pencil Grip, Inc. We were sent a grip in our package of paint and Big D loves using it to practice his handwriting. The grip is easy to use and even helps promote the correct way of gripping a pencil. I’ve tried other grips and they always slide off of the pencil but this grip has stayed on and is comfortable for Big D to use. His handwriting is getting noticably better because he has learned how to hold a pencil from this grip. If you are having a tough time helping your little one learn to write, I’d recommend this grip.

After using Kwik Stix, I would highly recommend them to be in the home of any homeschooling family. These are easily the best paints to use, especially in a home where little children are creating masterpieces all day long. They aren’t messy and are easily stored. I’ve even recommendedthem to a few of my public school friends for use in their own classrooms. 





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