Demme Learning- A Homeschool Review

The TOS Crew was given an amazing opportunity to review a math curriculum we already use and love in our homeschool. That program is the wonderful Math-U-See program by Demme Learning. Big D is enjoying using the Digital Pack of Math-U-See by Demme Learning during our math time.


Big D already uses Math-U-See Alpha as his math curriculum and we love it because has so many interesting components to it. It is a mastery approach to math that empahasizes the use of math blocks for kinestetic learners. Big D loves the blocks and I love the DVDs because if I get stuck teaching a concept the DVDs help us both. Demme Learning went one step further with Math-U-See and developed a Digital Pack which learners can use when they are on the go.

We were able to use and try this while we were on vacation a month ago. Instead of having to load a DVD and make sure that the place we were going to had a DVD player to use with their TV, I was able to pack up our Kindle and that week’s lesson was already loaded onto our account. The set up was easy, all I did was log on to my user account and add the Alpha set to my cart and checkout. Once that was complete, all of the Alpha lessons were on my account.  As an added bonus the manipulative blocks that Big D loves to use with his lesson, they are online with the Digital Pack. I didn’t have to pack them and worry about having to take one more thing with us.

Of course I tried it before we left on vacation and the manipulatives that are included in the Digital Pack may be Big D’s favorite part of the Digital Pack. He even played with them after the lesson was over. I loved that there was no clean up and I also enjoyed not having to count and make sure all of the blocks were in the correct place.


Some of the added bonuses to this Digital Pack are:

  • The Skip Count Songbook and the MP3 files
  • A Worksheet Generator
  • Test Solutions
  • Extra Practice Sheets
  • Tips and tricks for Word Problems
  • and so much more

As a parent I love that all of the DVD lessons, lesson solutions, and even all of the manipulatives are in one place especially when we have to teach on vacation or on the go. Big D loves it because the maipulatives are easy to use and he can click play on the Ipad or the Kindle and learn anywhere there is an internet connection.

I highly recommend this Digital Pack as a must purchase for those parents who are already using Math-U-See in their homeschool. It is a great resource that saves both space and time. Everything you need to teach a Math-U-See lesson is contained in one place. I love using Math-U-See because of the ease that accompanies teaching Math. Math has been my subject of nerves and it’s the subject I am most anxious to teach but Demme Learning and Math-U-See have helped create great memories with Math in our homeschool and this Digital Pack makes it so much easier to leave the house and have everything I need to teach with me.








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