Zonderkidz- A Homeschool Review

As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I’m beyond blessed to get to review some great products. One such product is the Faith Builders Bible. As part of our morning time we’ve been using the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz and it’s been great getting to use pictures during our bible time.



While looking at their website I fell in love with their Faith Builders Bible. It’s  a hardcover bible that can withstand the wear and tear that a little boy will put it through. An added bonus is that it is illustrated which means Big D can check out the pictures while I’m reading from my bible. I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet, the pictures are created from brick blocks. Right now Big D is obsessed with Legos. What better way to keep a kid’s attention on a bible story, then to have him create it with his own blocks.

When the bible arrived, I was a bit skeptical with using it because it is the NIRV version and not specifically a Catholic bible. However, I’ve been searching for a bible Big D can grow with and I decided that I would help him with some of the translations from it, if they differed. Also, the NIRV is written at a 3rd grade level and it may be easier for him to comprehend the stories. Right now, the important part is to keep him engaged during our bible time and allowing him to visually see God’s word was my best bet. Immediately upon showing him the bible he fell in love with it and so did I.

The Faith Builders Bible has text that is large enough for him to see and also easily readable. This is important for a kid who is still learning to read. Another great aspect of the bible is that the pages don’t stick together like other bibles I’ve used. Big D loves the hardcover and I love that the cover doesn’t get bent when we move it into our school basket. The brick creations are amazing and the picture quality is very good.



When we first opened the bible I was super pleased to discover that the pages aren’t super thin. If Big D wants to highlight a passage or make notes in his bible he won’t have to worry about the ink bleeding through. One of my other favorite parts about this bible is that after each illustration there is a quick recap and the chapter and verse where to find that specific bible story is written for me. No longer will I have to try and remember where that specific bible story is.

We’ve had the bible for almost a month and every morning during our morning time Derek begs me to read that days reading. We always start with the reading for the day and more often than not we also end reading from the picture that Big D is enthralled with that day. I’m excited that he is enthusiatic about learning more about God. DSC_7241

The Faith Builders Bible is an amazing addition to our morning time and a wonderful bible to keep a kid’s attention on God’s word. We haven’t started to build the scenes we’ve read about during morning time but I’m sure that soon Big D will. Blocks aren’t allowed during our morning time because he seems to only focus on them but I may just allow him to bring them to the table soon. He has had some fun recreating the images during his quiet time. Big D loves this bible and it’s a great bible for kids who are in elementary school. We love using it to read and study more scripture and if you are in the market for a kid’s bible you really should check out Zonderkidz.







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