Embrace the Ordinary 1:2016



A tummy bug has been passing through our house and one night while I was in bed all of the kids piled in and we started talking. Our converstations usually take on a funny twist and because Little D is hilarious, I expected nothing less.


(Based on a quick Facebook response poll)

Me: What’s my favorite food?

Ld: I don’t know uh cheese (smiling)

Me:How old am I?

Ld: I don’t know.

Me: What’s my name?

Ld: Mom

Me: No, what do other people call me?

Ld: Uh, mom cock a doodle doo.



Me: What do I always tell you?

Bd: To brush our teeth and make our bed.

Me: What’s my job?

Bd: To protect us. (melts my heart)


Me: What’s my name?

Bg: mam- mam- mama (Her new phrase).







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