2016 and All the Reading Goals

I discovered the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy when I was searching through Pinterest for book sometime late last year and I fell head over heels for Anne the author. I like to pretend in my head that we are book BFFs and when I’m going to the library I obsessively search her site for my next read.

This year she has another Reading Challenge out and I’m taking part. I’ve started a Pinterest page with some of my picks and I’m slowly seeing what books, I’ll add to the list. The hardest part is waiting until nap time so I can quickly search the library catalog.


Some of the books on my list are old favorites but some I’ve been meaning to read since forever. I haven’t asked J to pick a book out for me yet but  I know it will be a good one (PS I’m giving him a list to pick from). Also, I’m going to try and add some non fiction up in here. I have a hard time reading non fiction but 2016 is my year.

Anyone else taking this challenge? Let me know if you are and I’ll be sure to follow you on Pinterest also please leave me lots of comments about the books you are reading and what you love.




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