Hi All,

It’s been a while and life has certainly been busy. As most of you know this space has gotten quite the make over and I hope it is going to end my blogging rut. I’ve decided since it’s a new (liturgical) year that it’s the perfect time to introduce you to my new space.

With the help of some awesome bloggers and their generosity and time, I’ve revamped and renamed my site. Erica over at Saint Affairs has been holding some great giveaways over on her blog and in October I entered and won! her blog consulting giveaway. The consult was with Bonnie over at A Knotted Life and it was as amazing as I thought it would be. Bonnie helped me go over my vision for the blog and helped me to see what needed to be updated over here. I have to tell you I love the new name and I love the new layout. The last month has been spent working on the design and trying to get all the glitches out.

The most important change I made was my blog name. I used to blog at Three Plus Me but during the consult I realized I had outgrown the name. Originally it was supposed to stand for J, Big D and Little D plus me. When Baby G was born I didn’t change the name but with Bonnie’s help, I went for the change. I am calling this space Right Where I Am because in this moment I am enjoying where God has placed me. I want to enjoy my littles and my life right now in the moment and I’d love to show you how our imperfect life works. I’m living out my vocation and this space is helping me write and share my perfectly imperfect life.  Please stay a while and come back soon because there are some awesome celebrations going on both for Advent and because a new blog space deserves some amazing giveaways.









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