Homeschool Review

I was contacted by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine to complete a review on one of their unit studys and I knew I neeeded to when I saw the title. Big D has always had a love for firemen and fireghters. When I was contaced about this review and saw that the ebook would be their WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Firefighter book. I had to use their material to do a unit study.



Immediately I fell in love with this series because it’s an ebook unit study. Everything I needed in order to work on the lessons was already in the book and I could save it on my computer and print the lessons I would use. The book was set up in an easy way and I loved looking at the index and deciding on what I wanted to explore that day. The authors included Math, Handwriting, Science, and activities that I could use everyday for an entire six-week unit.

While reviewing the book I’ve drawn the following conclusions. The ebook is focused on elementary age students and all of the activities and lessons contained within it are easy to modify for any student. Since Big D is working on his handwriting I decided a great way to introduce the unit on firefighters would be to have him work on the copywork contained in the unit. While  Big D was copying I read to him the history of the profession and an added bonus was that he could draw when he was finished. The authors of the book included a space for the child’s artwork and Big D loved it.

The next day was our science activity for the week and I pulled it from this unit study. The authors wrote about the science of robots and how firefighters work with them. Big D loves robots and the experiment contained within the lesson was the best part of our day.

Last week was very busy and with the Thanksgiving holiday I’ve tried to stay on top of our school work so adding in this unit study was a bit stressful for me, but once I sat down and looked at the lessons and the activites, I quickly adapted the lessons to fit us. I really enjoyed looking at and planning lessons from WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Firefighter. I enjoyed thier ebook so much that I am planning on using the rest of the activities and lessons for another short unit in February.  Also, their ebooks are under $10 and very affordable. Honestly, the only difficulty I had while using this ebook was that most of the lessons are geared towards students who are reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level and adapting them took me a little more time then I’d like. I decided to do read alouds during this time and that worked out well for us.  By far the  the added bonus in the ebook were the extra links and book recommendations listed in the unit.

The Oldschoolhouse Magazine has other books in the WannaBe series and I can’t wait to check them out. For those mommas who are looking for a unit study that is inclusive of all subjects and easy to adapt for students, I’d say this series is it. Big D loved it and we will definitely be exploring it more in depth next Spring.




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