3 Years- Happy Birthday Little D


Wow! Three years have passed since this little guy was born and I can’t believe that he is a three-nager. He has discovered his voice and is beginning to show his own quirky personality.
By far he is our most photogenic child. He loves to smile and his best friend is Big D. He loves to dress up as a super hero and is as stubborn as his momma with his dad’s cute looks.


Little D you may be the middle child but you are far from being lost in the crowd. My sweet boy you love music and laughing. You ask all of the whys and you make me remember that everything is wonderful. You take your time and take in the world around you.
I pray the most for you Little D. Not because you seem like a little trouble maker or because I am afraid you will get swept away by negative influences but because if any of my children is called to become a priest, you will be the best for the job. You have such a sweet disposition and you love to know who you are talking to and what they need help with. 


I’m so proud that you are my strong little boy who after 7 days in the NICU came home strong and ready for the world. I know that this year will be rough- three always is but my sweet Lias I know that there will be plenty of memories to be made. I love you more than you may ever know and I’m so glad that I get to watch all the little ordinary things in your life occur.

May God Bless you my sweet baby boy and may this year be your year!



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