Our First Offical Year

After a trial run with Homeschooling PreK/K last year, this is our first official year and the first year we had to formally report to the state. Big D will be working on K/1 curriculum and will be focusing on reading and math. After hours of pouring over reviews and looking at curricua for every subject, I’ve finally decided on what we are going to use. We started our school year last week, because I want to take three weeks of in December and I would like to work on a 6 weeks on 1 week off schedule, which means we start in July but get to take a week off to visit family and relax. Also, I personally need time to wind down and work on planning.


This Year I’m Going to Keep It All Simple:

School 2015

Math: Math-U-See Alpha

Reading: All About Reading Level 1

Co-op: Science, PE, Art and Math

Handwriting: CHC Handwriting K

Bible: God’s Love Story CHC

Religion: Who Am I K from CHC

Read Alouds 

I’m excited to keep up our momentum.

reading schoold

Here’s to a great year!



4 thoughts on “Our First Offical Year

    1. Aww thanks Heather! I’m excited and I’m loving the ease of no alarm clocks in the morning plus getting to share prayer time with Big D is such a blessing for me. It’s our time and because we school during nap time he feels so special.

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