Be a SuperHero This Year


This morning I was scrolling through Facebook and I immediately spotted an article I had to read. It was entitled The Price I’ll Gladly Pay for My Kids’ Education and I knew I had to read it, when I saw the picture of the Expo markers. I’m a sucker for school supplies.

The author opens the piece by discussing how she was out shopping for her kids’ school supplies and she was disappointed to overhear a conversation between a teenager and her mother. In short, the mother was complaining about finding the school supplies for her children and the cost. Unfortunately, the mother was adiment that it wasn’t her job to supply the teacher of her children with the materials necessary to help their classroom function. The author goes on to calculate the cost and then state that she is ok with the cost she is paying because it means her kids will have the tools to learn.

As a former teacher, I salute those parents who help to supply materials and equipment for a classroom. These materials are necessary because in a time when a teacher has no budget for her classroom they help an overworked and underpaid teacher focus on teaching and helping students to succeed. The sad truth is that the author of the article is in the minority. All too often I hear parents complain about the need for school supplies and their issues with sending kleenex, copy paper, and Expo markers to their kid’s classroom.

The truth of the matter is that a parent really doesn’t need to supply any of these materials because I guarantee that whatever the teacher is lacking he/she will dish out the money from their paycheck and buy it for their students. They won’t think twice about it and will more than likely justify the cost with the knowledge that it will help their students succeed.

Kids who come to school hungry are given granola bars and fruit from teachers all over the country. Students who don’t have a warm winter coat will often find that a teacher has found a way to get them one. Teachers don’t make a lot of money but almost every teacher I have ever worked with had heart. I guarantee that the teacher will give their time and money to help students learn. They work within a tight budget and they often have to find help making sure students have access to the tools needed to learn.

I wanted to write this post to bring awareness to the fact that teachers should be valued. They should be honored for their willingness to give and their ability to help students succeed. Many families can’t afford school supplies but for those who can I promise that you are helping not only your child’s teacher but another child in the classroom. The next time you are in the store grab an extra school supply and place it in the donation basket or donate to your local school district, I promise even a glue stick will help.


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