Linking up with Kelly for SQT. She’s my favorite mommy rapper and the most hilarious person I follow on my Twitter feed.


Swimming lessons have kept us busy and by busy it has taught me that getting three kids ready for any outing before 10 am is overrated. The pools in our neck of the woods are all member only and I was lucky enough to find affordable swimming lessons but I think next summer we may stick with the aquatic center and I may be putting Big D in lessons during the fall because he needs more time in the water to feel comfortable. Little D loves the water and has decided that he will become a lifeguard as long as he can have a life jacket.



Speaking of Little D. Someone turns 3 in a week and he is definitely acting more and more like he is three. He still has trouble articualting his words but his vocabulary has ballooned and he is getting better at asking for what he wants instead of having Big D interpret for him. He is such a sweet little boy and because all three of the kids have birthdays so close together we are just going to have a small party  this year. Low key and less stress, plus he is more excited about taking his friends out to eat later on in August.



Speaking of eating out, Blessed Is She is putting on Blessed Brunches around the country and of course I volunteered to host. NM is such a huge state and so spread out that I figured it would be easier to ask for help and my friend Krystle volunteered to help. We are hosting it in Santa Fe because she lives three hours from me and I live two hours from Albuquerque and its a mess but we wanted to get together and meet other women. So if any ladies are in Santa Fe on Septemeber 19th we would love to meet up with you. Check back on the Blessed is She site for more details.


Earlier this week I wrote about the kids and how they are showing me Christ’s love for me everyday over here. It’s a great post that has helped me remember to take a breath and trust in him.


We started Homeschooling officially last week and this podcast by Kerry Olvera has been invaluable. I love her guests and the questions she asks. Gaining wisdom from veteran moms and homeschoolers has helped me find my groove and its allowed me to relaize that being able to be home with Big D and teach him is a great blessing.


Learning that Ebay bought Twice has made my week a little sad but some of my friends have recommended ThredUp and I am going to try that next. Please let me know if you’ve tried it and if you like it. I’d love to hear your recommendations and please join with me in mourning Twice. I just discovered the site and its 50% off if you used the app, last month and for the first time since having kids I look like a well dressed mom not a slob.  


Along with shopping on the internet and trying to teach my 10-month-old that she does not have to walk, just yet, I’m also ambitious enough to try to teach myself how to knit because this sweater is just too adorable not to put on Baby G in the Winter. Also, the yarn store in town is having a crazy 40% off sale and if it’s on sale I’m there.


Have an amazing weekend all and if you are into that crazy train of social media follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin’


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