Answer Me This Vol.1

Linking Up with Kendra for the first installment of Answer Me This because link-ups are my thing. 1. Any big plans for the summer? This summer we are going to try and play it by ear. Not being with child means that I can enjoy the great outdoors without feeling like Olaf from Frozen, when… Continue reading Answer Me This Vol.1

Baby G: 7 months and 8 months

Stats: 7 months 12.8 lbs Size 2 diapers 3 month clothes. Sitting down and smiling are her favorite things. She slept through the night once. She loves our dog and her brothers are her favorite people. 8 months 13.7 lbs 2 diapers 3 month- 3-6 month outfits She started standing and cruising this month and… Continue reading Baby G: 7 months and 8 months