{SQT} about life and Spring

Wow! We are now in Spring. My allergies have clearly let me know that pollen is in the air and the kids love the warm weather. I can’t believe that next month Big D starts T-Ball and soon, swimming lessons will be on our agenda. The kids and I are enjoying the season and hopefully, NM winds will die down but for now we are all living outside.

1. (Currently) I guest posted over at Beth’s blog Our Pretty Little Girls. You really should check out the post. In it I talk about being a Girl Mom and having my feelings on having a Baby Girl.

Girl Mom

2. (Making) I am crocheting a blanket for Baby G… It keeps me busy and J likes when I am busy because his honey do list is non-existent. I am also thinking about creating a year by year photo album because Shutterfly is have a 50% off sale and you should really check out their photo books.

3.(Reading) Unbroken I am loving the first chapter. I hope this summer I can read some old favorites. I miss reading and when my nose isn’t in a book I know that something is wrong. Also, for our read aloud Farmer Boy by Laura Wilder is becoming a favorits.

4.(Listening) Fountains of Carrots and Read Aloud Revival. I love my podcasts especially when I am washing dishes they make the chores almost fun.

5.(Watching) Big D and all of his sports. Basketball just ended and we are in sports mode.  Please tell me it gets easier as they pick a sport and stick with it.

6. (Thinking about) homeschooling and next year’s curriculum and ideas about a co-op. There is so much going on in my head that I have been YouTubing bullet journal videos. Has anyone tried them? Do you like them. Let me know your thoughts.

7. (Writing) thinking about writing a post on potty training. Little D is now on his 3rd day being accident free.  I am loving the ease of only changing one child’s diapers. Little D has now been promoted to an underwear superhero and he loves it.

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