{SQT} A Quick Recap


The last two weeks have kept us busy. Last week, we visited family in Southern NM and before we left Little D caught the croup. Big D never had the croup and I didn’t know what it even was before Little d caught it.  The first time I heard Little D wake up with it, I was terrified, but the Saturday we were supposed to drive down and visit family, I heard the seal bark I am now familiar with and immediately took charge, by spending 30 minutes in a steam filled bathroom. The good news was that our pediatrician has weekend appts and Little D got meds right away.


Taking three kids on a road trip for 6 hours has taught me a lot about patience and then some. Packing a DVD player and audiobooks saved my sanity and the trip flew by. We only made one pit stop on our way down and it was great. Coming home was another story but overall the drive was a good one and I now know that snacks packed ahead of time may be necessary.



While visiting my family the kids and I wandered down to White Sands and it was glorious. The weather was in the 70s and I loved watching the smirks on the boys’ faces. It was so much fun and I know it’s another trip we will be taking again soon. If you’ve never been there and you are close by, I would recommend visiting. Summer may be a little too warm but the Spring is the best time.





Being away from home for a week meant that I was coming home to a tornado of laundry, dirty dishes and floors that needed to be washed, but when I walked in the door the house was literally sparking. The floors were mopped and no dishes were seen. In fact, J even bought me flowers and in my book he is a total keeper. I love when he knows just how to show me he loves me and I can’t imagine marrying anyone else. This guy is amazing.


Coming home also meant that we were again battling the plague. Baby G caught the cough first and before I could blink all three kids had boogers and coughs and the only thing that saved my sanity were Boogie Wipes. This things kept their noses from getting dry and crusty. I recommend them to any mom.



Spring is supposed to be here and after spending a week in temps where I didn’t need a jacket, I am now back to reality. It’s been cold and rainy here in Northern NM and even though I am sad about having to wear a jacket out of the house, I am going to look on the bright side because soon, so very soon summer will be here. In NM summer means temps well into the 90s and I am not ready for that, no not at all.


While catching up on my blog feed for the past week, I’ve come across some great reads. Deme’s read about postpartum depression is a great read about how a community can help moms. Also, Jenny’s musing about viewing our children as luxuries is amazing. And lastly, my friend Tiffany is expecting her first baby and her writing about her husband and the quips that come out of his mouth are hilarious, you must read.

Hopefully, I will catch up with my blog soon. It’s been a really crazy season of life. Meanwhile if you still want to keep up with us check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.


Linking up with Kelly over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.


6 thoughts on “{SQT} A Quick Recap

  1. Oh, croup is nasty. I remember the first time one of mine got it I was so terrified. Hopefully your guy won’t keep getting it (we get it all the time it seems).
    Hugs for getting back to normal life things. I know how that can be


  2. We’ve never had the croup but it sounds awful. Pray everyone is on the mend! And yes to the boogie wipes! We’ve been going through those too! Or allergies have been noon stop for one too many weeks now. Sounded like y’all had a nice trip still though! And coming home to a clean house – so awesome!


  3. So sorry about the crud! Hoping it clears up soon. And God bless your husband! Clean house and flowers, too?? Wiiiiiiiinnnneeeerrr!


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