Being Your Mother 5:52






Dear Baby G,

There has been a lot of talk in the media about Fifty Shades of Gray and True Love. This talk makes sense because we are in the month of February and somehow Valentine’s Day makes the whole month feel like the month of love and the world has made its own definitions of how love should feel and when love should start.

My sweet little girl I hope I don’t ruin the idea of love for you. This letter is not meant to make you cynical about love and it isn’t meant to scare you. Rather, I want to write this letter to help you understand what love is.

When I was a little girl I always believed that I was going to fall in love with a prince and get married and that my wedding would be amazing and beautiful and I would live happily ever after. Can you tell I loved Disney princess stories and that Cinderella was my favorite? Now that I am married, and I did in fact have a beautiful wedding, and some days I believe I married a prince, I understand that love doesn’t always follow the plot of a Disney story. I didn’t really understand true love until I was married and I became a mom.

True love does happen. I can testify to that. God allowed us to love with all of hearts because he gave us the best example of love, his son Jesus. He sent his love down from Heaven to save us and when we speak of true love and its description the truth is True Love is fluid.

True love can be found in our actions and in our words. True love can be felt between a mother and her children or between friends. True love means that you can give yourself to another person or persons without having to worry about being hurt or feeling used. True love grows and can start out small but in the end is large.

There are so many types of love. The love between a husband and a wife, the love between friends, the love between a mother and her daughter. Each type of love is special and true because you feel it and you work at the relationship to keep it alive. Love never dies, it can change but it will never die. It is kept alive in your heart and in your spirit. Love makes the Earth and the world a better place and what is born out of love are our actions.

Baby G, I pray that you will experience love all around you. I pray that you will learn to love everyone, especially those who are lonely and lost. My hope for you Baby G is to experience a love so deep that you thank God every morning for that special person who knows your love language and your needs. Remember to always love with all your heart and all your soul because God loves us a million times more. After all Jesus did tell us to love each other just as he loves us.

Love, Mommy






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