SQT {Vol.3} Grocery Store Finds

Grocery shopping at 8:30 alone on a weeknight has become the norm.Usually J can get all three little ones to sleep without any trouble and because the pantry is being depleted by the masses, I run out the door before the boys notice I am gone. Last night, I finished grabbing everything on my list in record time and that meant that I could browse and browse I did along with grabbing some goodies and making notes of the wants.


I found Maybelline’s Pure BB cream in the bargain bin and I scored 2 bottles for the price of 1. I haven’t tried it yet but I like the look of a tinted moisturizer and I can’t wait to try it. Has anyone else tried it, do you like it?



I have been drinking way too much coffee lately and I decided to change it up a bit. Our store had the Odwalla smoothies and juices on sale and I picked one up to drink this morning with breakfast. I love it. I tried the Red Rhapsody and it tasted yummy.



We usually use the crock pot in our house to make roasts and I couldn’t do it without the use of crock pot liners. They make my life that much easier.


The boys love to snack and are constantly hungry. I know that I should make them wait until meal time but in between I usually let them snack on fruit or a Go-Gurt. I usually buy Go-Gurts in bulk at Costco but we were out and the big box was on sale, so I picked some up last night.


Baby G has an insane amount of hair. If you have been reading this blog or following us on Facebook, you know this. In order to keep it out of her face and make it look some what tame I have been putting it in pig tails and I picked up some elastic ties from Goody. I like that these are stretchy enough and they don’t break her hair.



Speaking of Baby G, because she has so much hair when should I start using conditioner in her hair? I noticed that Johnson and Johnson had a detangler when I was staring at the baby lotions and shampoos, do I need that? The boys never needed the conditioner or detangler and I am at a loss. Moms of little girls please let me know this. Especially because her hair is becoming tangled after she sleeps on it.



Lastly, I was walking through the grocery store and I saw all of the Valentine’s Day candy. I had some will power and opted for a Kit-Kat but all of the chocolate looked so good especially the Reese’s. I think I may need to after V-Day and buy some discounted candy.


I hope you are having an amazing week.



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