Being Your Mother 3:52



Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring — quite often the hard way. ~Pamela Dugdale


Dear Baby G,

My sweet little girl, it was not you who made me a mommy. You see five years earlier, around the exact same time I found out I was pregnant with you, I also learned I was pregnant with your big brother, Big D. When I found out I was pregnant with you I was in a state of shock, but even though I knew the line would turn positive, I was so nervous. With every pregnancy my heart always sinks a little because of all of the unexpected. My dear sweet little girl, the best part about being pregnant more than once is knowing that you will never ever be alone in the world.


Baby G, you are a welcomed addition to our family because the very best gift I could ever give your brothers is a little sister. You are their little sister and you will always be their sibling. The best part about having siblings is that you will always, no matter what have a friend close by, even if you are separated by different states or continents. The best part about siblings is that no one else knows what your childhood was like or will ever know the secret bonds that you have with your siblings.


Baby G growing up with a younger brother, I often found myself annoyed with him and his antics. He always knew what buttons to push to annoy me and he always had me worrying about the things he did or didn’t do. Now that we are in our spaces and now that both of us have our own families, it is so nice to have someone to talk to and say, “Do you remember when?” It is those memories that keep us together.



When Dad and I are gone and when you need someone in your corner, I hope that you and all of your siblings will still stay close. I hope that you will call each other to ask how their day went and when your brother needs someone to listen, I hope you do. The best thing about siblings is that you are able to train for life. You learn how to share, how to be kind, when to tattle and more importantly how to love. I love you Baby G and I hope you will always feel loved by your brothers.





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