SQT {Vol.4}

I can’t believe that this week is almost over. The weather in NM has been crazy and we went from warm and sunny to cold and blustery in less than 12 hours. The boys are loving the weather. I on the other hand, am learning how to cope with the cold. I am so glad that at this current time I am writing this post next to the fireplace and that we are blessed to be in a warm house with lots of love.


We are knee-deep in the world of potty training and Little D is so over it. He absolutely refuses to sit on the potty and on Wednesday he went 8 hours without peeing. I freaked out at the thought of a bladder infection, so at J’s prompting we have decided to do potty training sessions rather than full-blown potty training because this kid is stubborn. What can I say he inherited his daddy’s good looks and his momma’s stubbornness.


Have you seen the Lenten Journal from Blessed is She. I saw the cover and fell in love. I will be ordering mine this weekend and am over the moon about the prints included with the journal.

blessed is she


The highlight of my week has been a visit to Costco. Seriously I love that place and I love their stuff even more. We originally entered with four things on our list of needs and ended the trip with two carts full of unneccessary but totally necessary stuff. I think we may have spent Big D’s college tuition at the register. We ended up having to buy Shel Silverstein’s Falling Up because of course our children needed a new book to add to their already crazy stack of books. I justified it by saying it would be amazing to read aloud.

falling up


Speaking of reading aloud Big D and I finished The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and in true Becca fashion, I sobbed my eyes out. I remember reading the book when I was in third grade but just like Charlotte’s Web and of course The Giver I sobbed. Big D wasn’t too worried I think by now he just thinks I am weird but I must say if I book doesn’t make me laugh or cry for a good amount of time, I don’t consider it a good book. Am I right?


I know, I know this blog post was not supposed to be about books but I must add one more to my list. The mother’s group I joined is starting a book study on Momnipotent and I am so excited. It was on my list to read last year but because of life and having a baby and two other littles, I put it aside to read one more Eric Carle book. I am now ready to read it and can’t wait to discuss it. Has anyone else read it? Please do tell, let me know what you liked about it and what stayed with you.



If you haven’t visited my space on the blogosphere lately you haven’t heard about my nomination for a Sheenazing award over at A Knotted Life. I am still in shock and awe and can’t believe there were three people who were kind enough to even write my name down on their ballot. I am forever grateful to them and would like to say Thank You. Thanks for reading my writing and honoring me with the nomination. You rock and I am so humbled just to have my name on the ballot. If you haven’t had time to vote head on over now and vote for those blogs that you love. There are some amazing ones.

15 Nominee SA


And what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t mention the highlights of the kiddos and their week?

Baby G rolled over for the first time and is now in mobile mode. She is trying to army crawl and I can’t believe how fast she is growing.

Little D loves his toy Woody doll and will not sleep without it.

Big D asked me the question that I ask myself every day,  “Mom, why do I have to grow?” I got teary eyed and then answered with the ever so standard, “Because buddy that’s what happens.” But by far I am loving his age and his curiosity. Please, oh please can’t they stay small for just awhile longer?

I’m linking up with Kelly this week for SQT and I suggest you check out her blog, I love how hilarious she is.



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