Being Your Mother 2:52


Baby G,

This past week you have grown up so much. Just yesterday, you rolled over from your back to your belly and in an instant I thought I saw you grow up before my eyes. Four months ago, you were still a newborn who had a sporadic sleep pattern and a year ago, you were in my belly wrecking havoc on my stomach and esophagus. Now my sweet Baby G, you are a mobile baby and if time keeps on passing by as quickly as it has in exactly 13 years you will be a teenager and then in 18 years you will be what the law considers a voting citizen and soon you will be an adult.

When you become an adult, I want you to know some secrets that make life so much easier.

1. Do what makes you happy.

When you go to college and when you are asked what major you would like to study, do what makes you happy. When you have the opportunity to travel, if it will make you happy by all means go and do it. Always remember that sometimes you will feel as if society expects something from you and the truth is all you have to do in life is what makes you happy.

2. When life becomes hard, pray even harder.

By far the hardest trials I have encountered have been as a mom. When your brother was in the NICU, when my grandpa was in the hospital, when I feel as if I am failing at being a mother and a wife; I pray. I pray for others more than myself because my life is put into perspective and what better act of love can we give to someone, then to pray for them? Remember, God put you on this earth for a purpose, don’t question it, just pray that you will find it.

3. Love yourself.

There will be days that you hate your hair. Days when your pants don’t fit and days when you want to change everything about you. I have been there and so has every women before you. We are bombarded with images of what a perfect body looks like, but you are beautiful. Your smile and your zest for life make you beautiful. Love yourself and always know that you are worth loving. If you do this small thing and remind yourself everyday that you love who you are and you can change what you want, you will find that life is so much easier.

4. Be Kind.

Always, always be kind. Your smile can change a life and when you wake up in the morning and choose to be kind your day will always be brighter. The world is full of hate and full of negativity. People are always quick to point out what is wrong with another person. You will hear rumors and you will see the worst of humanity in your lifetime, but choose to be kind. Your job is not to question the choices others make. You may not know what led them to this point in life but your kindness and your compassion will always encourage them to make the world we live in a better place.

5. Never, ever think you are better than someone else.

The truth is that you are not. You are just as imperfect as they are and for you to think that you have a leg up on someone else is just a lie. That person who is begging for food on the side of the road is no less of a person because they are hungry. That mom who chooses to work 40 hours a week because it makes her a happier mom is no less of a mom. That family who watches television while eating dinner is no less of a family. We are all just people, who are human and imperfect.

My sweet Baby G, life is hard I will never say it is easy. You will grow up and your heart will break. There will be pain that you will experience; pain that I can never take away. God never promised that this life would be easy. In fact, part of life is suffering but I pray every day that you and your brothers will choose to make the world a better place, by your actions and your words. Baby G, enjoy this life, but remember we are all working towards something better.





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