{SQT} Volume 3

Linking up with Kelly @ This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes this week.


I am loving the new series I am writing to Baby G. Being a mother is such a roller coaster ride and there are moments that seem like they are fleeting. I want to write these love notes to Baby G in order to remember every day. All of my babies are growing up so fast that I don’t want to miss any of it.



I am loving what Pope Francis said about families:

“When families bring children into the world, train them in faith and sound values and teach them to contribute to society, they become a blessing in our world,” he said. “God’s love becomes present and active by the way we love and by the good works that we do.”

What beautiful words!


It’s all about the Gilmore Girls at this house. Currently, I am on season 6 but I have to say, I love Lauren Graham and her work on Parenthood is amaze balls. If you are GG fan and haven’t seen Parenthood go check it out. Speaking of GG I can’t believe Luke didn’t fight for Loreilai. What man doesn’t want to fight for the affection of Lauren Graham’s portrayl of a fictional single mother? You don’t know either, I suppose it is one of life’s biggest mysteries.


Did I mention the reason I am hooked on Gilmore Girls is because the sun showed her lovely face today, after three days of hiding. Keeping two boys entertained in a warm house because the sun hasn’t shown in three days takes a lot of effort. Once nap time hits it’s all about Gilmore Girls. I need time to unwind and I am already over this Winter and so ready for Spring.



I am loving the new Tuesday Talk co-hosted by Elizabeth @ All Kinds of Things. The awesome women who are linking up have new recipes, organizing tips, and loads of inspiration that I have been following. If you haven’t checked it out you need to and if you blog you should link up.


Blessedisshe.net hosted a twitter chat on Monday and it was womderful. Reading the responses from other Catholic women and mothers was refreshing. I love the sense of community and their daily devotionals allow me to take time to thank God and reflect on all of my blessings, hurry now and check it out. Plus if you subscribe they have a beautiful prayer journal that you can print and start using today.


Date night. J and I had our first date night of the new year last Friday and his wonderful sister babysat. It was perfect! I didn’t have to share my food and I even got to order dessert. I think we have definitely set the bar high for date nights and will be frequenting a restaurant with both beer, fried food, and dessert that doesn’t have to be shared.

That’s my SQT for this week. Go check out all of the rest.

Check out my review of Teaching from Rest and Congrats to Katrina S., she won!

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