Savoring the Moments and A Giveaway

My word for the year is Savor and I am trying to savor all the tiny moments. I’ve written before about our choice to homeschool Big D for Preschool and every day I know I’ve made the correct choice because of the way he learns with me. I see his face light up and I know that he is loving learning. He is excelling and having fun; the nerves that were there when I first began to homeschool are slowly subsiding.

One of the best tools I have found while staying up late scouring teaching websites, is the blog Amongst Lovely Things. Sarah MacKenzie is the author of the site and the momma to six little ones who are all homeschooled. Her approach to homeschool is the way I want my homeschool to work. On her blog, Sarah offers practical advice for her fellow moms who are battling it out on the homeschool field. She knows how to enjoy homeschooling and truly savors the everyday ordinary of teaching at home.


After scouring her archives and reading countless posts on how she teaches from a state of rest, I was hooked and knew this mom could help answer all of my questions. I stalked her site for a couple of days  and knew I needed to get my hands on her e-book, Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace and I was immediately engrossed with reading it.


Sarah gives moms who are nervous about teaching their children the self-assurance that they can succeed. Her book offers practical tips and allows first time homeschoolers to savor the moments that will be gone all too soon. Reading her book made me realize that homeschooling my son is the right path for our family at this very moment and I started to embrace this calling. Reading her writing reminded me that God gave me the best job ever; the job of raising my children. Her words helped me to worry less and enjoy homeschooling more.

Reading Teaching from Rest, transformed the way I teach my son and now that our holiday break is over, I can’t wait to get back to our school routine. After contacting Sarah about how much I loved her book, she was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway to you, my readers. Not only did she kindly donate her e-book Teaching from Rest but she was sweet enough to add the Audio Companion and Journal to the giveaway. If you are like me, I know that you are chomping at the bit to read it, believe me this book will change the way your homeschool runs.

Here are the details on the giveaway. Click on the banner below to enter. The giveaway opens today January 12, and closes on January 15@ 3 pm MDT. I will notify the winner via email and the lucky winner will win a Copy of Sarah’s e-book and her Audio Companion and Journal. Good Luck and go explore Amongst Lovely Things and Read Aloud Revival you will be amazed.




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