5 Faves: Battling the Flu

5 faves

It’s here and it’s here to stay for a while. No, not your little cousin who likes to couch surf from one house to another, but the other F word, the flu. Every year, J and I make sure to get the boys vaccinated and vaccinate ourselves. This flu season was no different, until it was. You see the week right after Christmas it hit and boy did the flu hit hard. J fell first and then Big D. I knew it was bad when Little D woke up with croup and an ear infection and then the cake hit the fan when Baby G had a fever that read over 100 degrees.

After five doctor’s appointments for three kids we’ve learned how to keep the kids feeling well; along with the adults staying sane.  Below are some of our quick tips I hope they help:

  1. Tamiflu is your friend. When the doctor asks if you’d like to have the prescription, if you are in the first 48 hour window of showing symtoms, take it. It will help you and your loved one and believe me it will make you feel better.
  2. Steam- For all of your aches and pains and even when you can’t breathe, steam works wonders. There were a couple of days when I had to wake up with Baby G at four in the morning to start a steam shower because it was the only thing that comforted her.
  3. PBS and TV- I normally don’t condone watching tv in a binging manner for little ones but when baby sister is sick and mama is feeling awful after a couple of hours of sleep, by all means use it. The boys became familiar with the plot of Odd Squad and Wild Kratts became my new theme song.
  4. Cuddle- Cuddle your little one and give them lots of love. Put chapstick on their little noses and lips and hold them tight. Baby G was rocked and rocked and there may have been a day when the only time she was out of someone’s arms was when we needed to change her but she needed all the love she could take.
  5. Boogie Wipes- Moms all over the world know what these things are and believe me they are well loved in our house. They keep the boys from digging for gold and they help me wipe all of the crusties off without irritating delicate skin, I’d say they are a win-win for all of us.

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*Please be aware I am not a doctor, just a mom who has had experience with the flu in her home. Consult a doctor for real medical advice.

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