Fast Forward to 2015

2015Six years of marriage have taught me an important lesson about every new year. Each new year brings with it a fresh slate and I love a blank canvas like no other person. So every year in January, I make these elaborate plans that I want to accomplish by December 31st and unfortunately life happens.

In the past six years, I have been thrown for a loop so many times that my list of has to get done has now become my list of I hope it all happens. Being pregnant three times in six years has taught me that each season in life has its own timing. Last year at this time, I was hugging a toilet bowl and praying that my doctor would call in that prescription I so badly needed. This year, I am sitting here listening to a Gilmore Girls podcast and am so glad that I don’t feel as if the world is constantly spinning. So here I sit typing up my goals for the year and reminding myself that everything has its own timing in order to compile a list that is true to me.

Usually I like elaborate goals that are time-consuming and nerve wrecking. I am talking about goals that list when and how and what every month should look like. I can’t help it, I like things to be planned and executed in my way. This year, I am changing things up and am only listing two main goals for the year.

1. To Spend More Time Making Me Happy

-Read more, and worry less

-Write more, including Thank You notes and love letters to J and write everyday in my gratitude journal

-Sew blankets for Project Linus


2. Soak it All In

The word I am using for this goal is  Savor

– I want to take it all in and look at the beauty in the ordinary.

-Soak up the time I have with the kids

-Put down my phone a little more

-Stop and look at nature


Each year brings around a new chance to try harder and enjoy life a little more. In 2015, I hope to savor all that life brings my way. What are some of your goals for 2015 and how are you trying to achieve them? I’d love to hear about them.



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