12 in 2014: Our Year in Review

To our regular readers,

I am so sorry for the two week hiatus. I knew December was going to be a hectic month, but boy does this December take the cake. Not only were we busy sewing and cooking for Christmas, we were also busy fighting off the flu. First, J took the sickness hit and then slowly, one by one, we have all been hosts to the nasty virus. Thanks to your many prayers via Facebook and Instagram, the littlest member of our tribe, Baby G is feeling much better. Now on to the regularly scheduled post.

When I read that Dwija @ House Unseen. Life Unscripted was hosting her annual recap of the year in pics, I knew I needed to get on board. 2014 was the year of settling down for this new family of five.

unnamed (3)

January: The first month of my pregnancy with baby # 3 was tough. J took the boys out of the house on the weekends, in order to make up for my keeping them indoors. Big D loved visting Bandelier and I loved hearing all of his stories.

unnamed (4)unnamed (5)

February: Little D became a big boy and got a haircut. Looking at the pictures from the beginning of the year I must now admit it, he looked like a shaggy dog. He loved getting his hair cut and I must confess he cleans up quite nicely. Thanks J, for convincing me to cut it.


March: These two boys became best friends and it was amazing to watch. Not only did they designate the laundry basket as the family rocket ship but they learned how to build a fort without mom’s help and it was a-m-a-zing!


April: Big D started T-Ball and J became a head coach. I loved every minute of watching him play and the best part was watching J cheer him on. Wow, in a few months Big D will be back playing his favorite game.

unnamed (6)May: Please forgive the finger that is in the way. This is the only clear pic of my brother and me at his graduation. That’s right that kid graduated college and I am so proud. Also, it is one of the only pics I could find of the bump.

unnamed (1)

June: What better way to spend the summer days as a pregnant lady than to visit the dinosaur tour passing through town? Sure, the exhibit was two hours away but with refrigerated air and a food court, I was there. The boys loved the t-rex and J and I loved the cool air.

unnamed (2)

July: Big D wanted to go bowling and like the good parents that we are, we decided to take him on a rainy Friday night. We invited our friends and had a blast. Three toddlers, a pregnant lady, a newborn, and a nursing mom know how to party and the bowling alley was the place to be that night.


August: The boys spent the last few days of summer playing in water and it was glorious. Mom read a book, and patiently or not so patiently tried to will Baby G out.


September: That’s right Baby G was born after a full day and a half of labor, she greeted the world with a full head of hair. It took us a full 24 hours to name her but what better way to introduce your baby girl to your friends via text than saying our “No Name” Baby Girl has arrived. The boys instanly fell in love.


October: The month was full of hay rides, candy, and visiting with grandparents, but watching Baby G grow made my heart melt. Look at that grin. This girl is going to be a handful, and dad is going to dread the crazy teenage years.


November: Big D showed Baby G how to take a selfie and Little D made his priorites known to the world. Pumpkin roll became our new vice and Thanksgiving was truly a time of thanks because my Grandpa was able to come home from the hospital after a month long stay.


December: The month started out with a family day out to see Doctor Kaboom and The Science of Christmas and quickly ended with three sick kids and two exhausted parents. Big D learned how to skip count to 20, while mom and dad learned that the Advent and Christmas season is a great time to teach the little ones about caring for others.

2014 was a jam packed, eventful year but something tells me that 2015 will be even crazier. Stayed tuned and to see more from our tribe like us on Facebook Here, Instagram Here, or Subscribe to our blog at Bloglovin Here.



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