Getting Ready for Advent

I love making memories with the boys and I try to keep the same traditions from year to year. It is amazing how much they remember as they grow and it a great way to keep them anticipating holidays.

I have always attempted to create an Advent calendar that worked for our family. The last few years have been an absolute fail because I either did not have the time to craft a calendar or I didn’t feel like buying one at the store. This year I am on the ball and created this. I love that the slots are big enough that little fingers can pull the family activity out easily.


It was really easy to make and only took 20 minutes.  I wrote out activities on a blank index card. I used a poster board and sticky card holders from a teacher’s store. I think it is cute and I can laminate it to use every year. Also, the activities listed work for our family.

I used:

  • Drive around and look at lights
  • Watch a movie
  • Make gifts for grandmas and grandpas
  • Donate three toys
  • Bake cookies
  • Decorate our trees
  • Make a letter to Santa
  • Write a letter to Jesus saying thanks

There are many more activities you can use, I just decided to use what works for us.

In preparing for Advent, I also decided that we need to focus a little bit more on anticipating the birth of Jesus as a family so I bought this book.


So far I am loving it and I am excited to share some of the activities with the kids. I think that this book is the perfect balance between activities for a family and for the kids.

Also, I have been busy reading blogs and listening to podcasts about preparing families for Advent and the Christmas season. This podcast featuring Kendra from is a must listen to for all moms.





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