Why Preschool Isn’t for My Kid

Big D

As a stay-at-home mom, getting out is so important to me because it makes the day go by a little faster. When I learned our community library hosted a music class followed by story time every Wednesday, I knew we were going to be a part of the class. Since moving, I have tried my hardest to get us out of the house by 9:30 am every week.

Today the kids and I headed out of the house despite the shoe finding protest from Little D. He was not a fan of putting on pants and getting out of his jammies. Big D was dressed in a flash and was counting down the seconds until we piled into the car.

I love our local library and each Wednesday, the kids and I scour the shelves looking for books that we can read as soon as we get home. This is my favorite time of the week. Sitting down and snuggling with all three of my babies for an entire hour of reading and acting out character’s voices makes my week, every week.

At music time this week, many of the moms were discussing preschool and where their children were attending. As always, I felt a little guilty about not sending Big D to preschool. At the end of last Spring, I looked into several schools around our little town because I thought he needed to interact with other children. I felt as though he was going to feel like the third wheel once Baby G came because he was my independent child. However, he hasn’t and I am so glad that he is home.

We chose not to enroll him in any of the fabulous programs for many reasons. Our biggest reason was financially we would never be able to afford it. Three kids under 5 with one income makes us keep to a tight budget. All of the schools I looked at would make us have to tighten our belts and send me back to working a part-time job. Neither was an option for me, so J and I sat down and we discussed what we felt was best for our family.

It turns out that our choice was the best fit for our family and I definitely don’t regret it. Big D gets to hang out with Little D and he entertains him with cars and spaceship games. He is so helpful around the house and is the best big brother, when it comes to helping Baby G articulate her needs. Some days, I look at Big D and wonder how my baby grew into a little boy so fast.

The best part of my day, and I hope the best part of Big D’s day, is when we put Baby G and Little D down for their naps after lunch. Big D knows that he has my undivided attention and for that hour we sit down and work on school. He starts out by working on his prayers and reciting the bible verse for the week. He loves to work on math problems and when we snuggle to do our read aloud, he is always eager to remind me that we are on a certain chapter.

Working with him on his phonics skills and listening to him work through a math addition problem makes me heart melt. I have always wanted to be a teacher and majoring in teaching in college was my life’s goal. After graduating with my BA in teaching, I envisioned having my own classroom and staying in that room for my entire teaching career. Now four years after college and two more babies later, I am slowly learning that teaching other people’s children is rewarding but being there to hear your oldest read his first sentence is amazing. Listening to my gut feeling about keeping Big D at home has taught me that as a mom, I know what it truly best for my child.



3 thoughts on “Why Preschool Isn’t for My Kid

  1. We just made the same decision for the same reason. 🙂 It might not make sense to everyone, but do what is right and works for your family. And, I agree, there’s nothing like seeing your own kid read or discover something for the first time! 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk! Just voted for you on the Sheenazing Awards! 🙂
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones


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