To All You Single Parents

You are amazing and wonderful. I have been single parenting it for the last week and it has not been easy. Today I woke up at 4am to two children watching cartoons and a crying baby. When they finally all fell back asleep, I realized that I felt like a zombie.

In between all of the “Please stop touching your sibling,” to all of the “We have to brush your teeth,” I have said a lot of “Lord please give me patience and Blessed Mother please pray for me.”

Single parents deserve the highest shout out. Some how, I have managed to shower twice in the last five days and feed all of us on little to no sleep. I love my babies but three under 5 is hard. There is never a second where the house is just still. We have had to keep to our routine and the hardest part is not having J here to tell me it is all going to be ok.

5 o’clock is the best hour of the day because I know in 15 minutes my man will walk through that door. I will receive a hug and a kiss and even if,in my sleep deprived state, I haven’t showered he will hug me and tell me I look beautiful. We are now down to six hours and he will be home! I have never been so happy in my life. This week has taught me patience, how to pry open a locked door, and what sleep deprivation really feels like. Shout out to all of you single parents because you get it all done every day! You are my heroes!

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