When It All Happens At Once

Three kids, one mom, a dad, and a huge extended family. It seems as though when one event occurs everything else piles on top of it. Take this past week for example.

The craziness ensued when my brother called to inform me my grandfather was being taken via ambulance to the hospital. Immediately my gut feeling was to get ready for a six-hour drive to the hospital with three kids in tow. Rationally, I knew I couldn’t do it. Even if we were able to make it to the hospital taking an 8 week old into a hospital setting would lend itself to make the already chaotic and nerve wrecking time, worse. So instead I waited. I waited for the phone call to tell me how he was doing and whether I should immediately head down.

My grandfather has been sick for the better part of my life. When I was in the 5th grade he was diagnosed with COPD and his lungs have been shot ever since. In the last five years we have received a number of phone calls that he was being taken to the hospital. Each time I have wanted to run right down and be with him but this time I couldn’t because I knew taking three kids to the hospital would be too hard to do. Right now he is currently in the ICU but because of the hands’ of healing doctors he is stable. My plan is to go and visit once he is home. If you are reading this please pray for him, he is an amazing man who has helped so many people.

Along with not being able to take three kids to the hospital, Little D came down with a cold on Saturday. The same Saturday before J left for a work trip. Taking him to see my grandpa would have been worse because I would be taking in the bug that D had. Speaking of work trip did I mention my husband left me with three kids under the age of 5. One of which was sick and  another who is currently not even two months. Lots of prayers for patience and understanding were said.

Since God loves to remind us that whatever plans we have set may not be his it also means my brother and sister-in-law will welcome a new baby in the not so distant future-meaning soon very soon. So please send up some prayers that my sanity and that of my family’s will not be lost. Sometimes I forget that having a large family also means that our plans for life go out the window. St. Therese, St. Anne, San Martin, and all the Angels and Saints in Heaven, Pray for Us.


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