Getting Ready for Advent

I love making memories with the boys and I try to keep the same traditions from year to year. It is amazing how much they remember as they grow and it a great way to keep them anticipating holidays. I have always attempted to create an Advent calendar that worked for our family. The last… Continue reading Getting Ready for Advent

Why Preschool Isn’t for My Kid

As a stay-at-home mom, getting out is so important to me because it makes the day go by a little faster. When I learned our community library hosted a music class followed by story time every Wednesday, I knew we were going to be a part of the class. Since moving, I have tried my hardest… Continue reading Why Preschool Isn’t for My Kid

To All You Single Parents

You are amazing and wonderful. I have been single parenting it for the last week and it has not been easy. Today I woke up at 4am to two children watching cartoons and a crying baby. When they finally all fell back asleep, I realized that I felt like a zombie. In between all of… Continue reading To All You Single Parents

When It All Happens At Once

Three kids, one mom, a dad, and a huge extended family. It seems as though when one event occurs everything else piles on top of it. Take this past week for example. The craziness ensued when my brother called to inform me my grandfather was being taken via ambulance to the hospital. Immediately my gut… Continue reading When It All Happens At Once