31 Days: The Next 31 Days

The past 31 days have helped me remember why I like to write. Writing helps me to remember and relive moments that I would other wise forget. I am so happy that I stuck with this challenge and did my best to attempt to blog when I was able to sit and write.

Having three babies is a new adventure for me. The last month has taught me more about patience and the need for prayer than ever before. Our whole family is trying to adjust to a new person. Baby G brings a new personality to the mix and even though she is our easiest baby, she definitely brings her own sass to the party.

October was a month where very little sleep occurred. Big D took on the role of Baby G’s protector and Little D found his voice. We made new memories as a family of five. The month brought cooler temperatures and gorgeous colors.

It was also the month when becoming a mother of 3 tested my very being and made me question if I was enough. Thankfully it was a month where the number of kisses and hugs received out weighed the number of moments where I locked myself in the pantry and ate chocolate. Taking on the #write31days challenge proved to me that being their mom is where I need to be right now, at this moment.



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