7QT: #3

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1.  Cooler Temperatures

Cooler temperatures in New Mexico mean it is time for Green Chile Stew and warm homemade tortillas.  I grew up in the Chile Capital of the World and the smell of green chile takes me back to my grandma’s kitchen. It also means that a warm fire and hot chocolate will become evening staples in our house.

2. November

Don’t get me wrong October is a great month, the leaves change colors and the whole town goes all out for pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. But November is the month of giving thanks and seeing family. Plus my new niece is expected to make her debut in less than 2 weeks and I am so excited.

3. Basketball Season

Big D played his first game last night and he loved it. The look in his eyes and the smile on his face made me so happy. He was made to rebound.

4. Parenthood

If you follow the show you know that this season has brought out the drama. As I type this the promo for next week’s show just came on and oh my Julia and Joel. They have to get back together. Will they? I hope so. J thinks I am crazy but this show is one of my faves and it can’t end with Julia and Joel not together. Can it?

5. Our County Library

When we lived in the city I had a library card but rarely used it. Now that we live in a small town the library is the place to be. It is where we go for weekly story time and music time. The boys love it and for being a small town the book collection rocks. We always leave with 10 books a week and the DVD collection allows the boys to watch Disney classics. If I could we would buy books instead of eat but the boys insist that they are hungry at all times, so the library keeps money in the grocery budget and allows us to feed the hungry mob.

6. Pumpkin Carving

Thanks to Pinterest we found free pumpkin carving templates that the boys loved. I loved them because they were easy for mom to carve. The boys loved them because they were spooky.


7. Fall Back

An extra hour of sleep on Sunday. Yes, please!




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