5 Faves: Christmas Projects


Linking up with Jenna @ Call Her Happy today. Here is a quick post on my five fave Christmas projects for this year.


I know, I know Christmas is over a month and a half away. Halloween hasn’t even passed yet and here I am writing a blog post about the 5 projects I want to get done. I know, I am a little crazy to be even thinking about these gifts but I find planning things out helps with the anxiety of getting it all done. Being a mom to three kids has taught me the valuable lesson of leaving enough time to get it all done. Just today it took us 45 minutes to get out the door. I can’t imagine how many days it will take me to get all these Christmas projects done. Hopefully, planning everything out will keep me from trying to do too much.

1. Project Super Heroes

Big D already has a superhero cape but it is time to replace it and Little D would love his very own. Sewing these shouldn’t be hard.

credit: crazylittleprojects.com


2. Twenty Five Books for Christmas

I first heard of this on Facebook and now that the boys are older I want to incorporate it as a Christmas tradition. It would be fun to try a new theme every year. This year I am thinking about general Christmas books. The down side to this project is wrapping and storing 25 books. Any good recommendations for building our Christmas book library?

Credit: Enjoyinglifewith4kids.com


3. A Crocheted Stocking for Baby G

Last year I crocheted each boy their own stocking. I was able to get it done quickly because of a hunting trip and the drive time. I am slow at crocheting so I plan on starting as soon as I finish her hat.

credit: redheart.com

4. Photo Calendars for the Grandparents

J and I are blessed to have large families. It is amazing to have so many people at family gatherings and holidays. The only down side is that it can be a bit time-consuming trying to come up with thoughtful gifts for each set of grandparents and parents. This year my plan is to create one wall calendar and order enough copies for everyone. My goal is to not stress about gift shopping.

5. Make Up Bags

Big families mean lots of Christmas gifts. Last year, I made make up bags for all of our girl cousins and it was a hit. This year I plan to do the same thing. Every girl needs a new make up bag and the cute prints you can use are so much fun.

Credit: kelbysews.blogspot.com



4 thoughts on “5 Faves: Christmas Projects

  1. We have done the Christmas book wrap each December – my kids are now 10 and 12 and they still love it. Have you read Holly and Ivy – it is my personal favorite although the kids laugh and me because I can’t get through it without crying! I’m stopping over from the Five Favorites link-up!


  2. You just gave me so many Christmas ideas on our budget! Thank you! Have you thought about investing in a series since you have so many books to buy? Saints biographies for kids from Ignatius Press are really wonderful too!


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