31 Days: Sleep

Before I had kids, I slept when I wanted and when I could. My body loves sleep and so does my attitude. Usually, when I don’t get enough sleep I turn into a grump.

When I was pregnant with Baby G all I ever wanted to do was sleep. During nap time for Little D I would put him in his crib and Big D and I would lay on the floor and read. We were a sight to see because after about 5 minutes I was asleep and Big D was making up words and reading to me.

Now that Baby G is a little older I am getting a consistent amount of 4 hours every night. For those mommas out there who aren’t I am so sorry. Big D was never a solid sleeper, when he was a baby and it sucked. Waking up every two hours was not unusual and I felt so out of it. I remember napping when he napped because he was my only baby.

Having three babies is tough because when one goes down for a nap, two others are usually awake. I can’t fall asleep because the other two will create a mess with toilet paper, kinetic sand, and crayon on walls- it has happened. I have learned to make do with some quiet time and read alouds.

When Baby G goes down for a nap the boys and I sit on the couch and I will read books out loud. They love it and my mind gets a break from the craziness of boys. Sometimes, I even get Little D down for a nap and manage to take a quick breather and drink some warm tea before Baby G wakes up.

No one told me when I was pregnant with Big D that the end to my napping and sleeping in a consistent pattern would be over. For all those moms out there, let me tell you sleep is so important; if you only have one baby sleep while they do. If you are crazy like me and have a house full of kiddos read aloud a lot, it makes them sit still and it gives you a break. Remember to take advantage of those weekend naps when dad is around and don’t feel guilty if your dream vacation is a hotel room with a comfy bed-so you can sleep longer than 2 hours at a time.


Credit:    www.rewards4mom.com



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