31 Days: Baby Wearing

When Big D was born I didn’t need to worry about baby carriers. I knew he was going to be held and loved all day long. I also knew that when I couldn’t hold him J’s arms would hold him just as tight. I loved rocking him and spent hours standing up in the living room staring at him. Fast forward three years later and I knew holding Little D would be an issue with a toddler around. I started practicing baby wearing and decided that was the way to go.

My first carrier was a Moby wrap, which currently holds Baby G as I type this. I love the different positions of the wrap and even though I wore it rarely with Big D, Little D and Baby G have lived in it.This wrap has been passed down from Big D and wears really well even after a million washes. J often walks in the house to the scene of Baby G in the Moby and this mom cooking dinner. The Moby keeps Baby G close during all of our daily chores.


We invested in a Baby Bjorn when Little D was born because J didn’t like the Moby. I have to say for babies over the age of 3 months I like it. I carried Little D in it when I would run errands with the boys and it was an easy carrier to put on. We haven’t tried it with Baby G yet because she is still smaller than the boys were at her age. Plus, I like that the Moby covers her face when we are playing outside. Not to worry though, I know J will soon be using this when he has to go out with all three kiddos.

original mesh gray

This year one of my best friends bought us an Ergobaby carrier and I haven’t had the chance to use it. She wears it every where with her 6 month old and it looks comfy. The straps are thick and it is supposed to distribute the baby’s weight all over. The carrier also comes in beautiful colors and designs. I am excited to see if Baby G likes it when she gets older. I also like that the baby can be worn on your back with it.


With each new addition having a carrier has become a necessity. I have to be able to use both hands and I enjoy knowing my baby is close by. Feel free to let me know if you use a different carrier. I would love to try anything that works, especially because the boys are always on the go.

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