5 faves: Blogs from 31 Days

5 Faves

Today I am linking up with Jenna @ Call Her Happy the new host of 5 faves. Spending time on the couch nursing has given me the luxury of being able to follow new blogs and their topics. These amazing ladies have been my go to for late night reading. I have read a lot of the #write31days posts and so far these are the regular ones I keep up with. Here are my five faves.

Jenny’s 31 Day Series about the Catholic Church’s teachings on sex and marriage is an amazing read. I have read her blog before but not regularly. She writes about the church’s position on children, gay marriage, and divorce to name a few. If you haven’t read the series you should.
31 days catholic
Ash’s blog series is a series of love letters that she writes to her babies. Her children c– and n– are sweethearts and her voice comes through in her writing. Her October 5th letter is my favorite because I love coming home to my babies after I have been away. Check her blog out.


Deme at House For Five is writing her series on simplifying your life. I am not one for DIY and Organization blogs because I am just not that crafty but Deme’s blog has me wanting to decorate for Fall and organize my entry hallway. She offers practical tips and inserts real life messiness into her photos.

31 days button 14

Memes are everywhere including at Becky’s blog. When I saw here link on the site I knew I had to read them. I love meme’s especially Ryan Gossling ones. These memes are inspirational and hilarious.


Heather has kept me reading her blog because I can relate so much to her. She is currently awaiting the birth of her 3rd baby (her first boy). Her series reflects on the lessons she learned that day from her two adorable daughters. I love her writing style and can’t wait to see pictures of her new little guy.




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