31 Days: Cooking with Three

Cooking and baking are not my favorite things to do. In fact if I had a choice of starving or being in the kitchen I would probably starve. I say it’s because I would rather spend my time lounging around and reading. However, the truth just may be that I am not that great at it. I personally don’t feel like I have the patience needed to perfect my cooking abilities. With two boys in the house I can’t avoid not cooking because they are always hungry.

My boys could out eat an entire football team. They are constantly eating because they need the calories to keep up their ninja training. It is also common to find one or both boys in the backyard running sprints because the other may or may not have a bat. What can I say, they love baseball and they love eating.

Before Baby G was born, the boys were constantly helping me in the kitchen. Now, those days are long gone. As much as I hate cooking, I think I miss having them in the kitchen cooking with me more. Lunch was their domain and they would time, peel, and mix. They loved creating what they were going to eat. Knowing full well that they need to know how to cook in order to sustain their huge appetites I let them help. Now I don’t really have a choice. Sadly, them helping takes precious time away from my already packed schedule of sitting on the couch nursing. Having a newborn means that some areas of your life are put on hold and cooking in the kitchen with the boys is one of those areas. Once Baby G gets a bit older we can continue our tradition of helping every day but for now it is a luxury.

Yesterday was one of those days where a newborn will sleep for more than an hour, as long as you put in her in the swing and turn up the country station. It was glorious and because the house is so cold in the morning, I decided the boys were going to get their wish and cook with me in the kitchen. As an added bonus, I decided why not be ambitious and shoot for baking. Fall is that time when pumpkin everything is amazing. So the boys decided they wanted a pie and what better pie to make than pumpkin. Our fifteen minutes of mixing ingredients was short-lived because Baby G had a diaper blow out but the boys loved it.


Having a newborn is tough. Routines get placed on the back burner and other siblings feel left out. Some days the house is a mess but taking advantage of the days where the baby will sleep is so helpful. Being in the kitchen with the boys was just what I needed after waking up at 2 am, 3 am, and 4 am with a newborn. Their smiles and excitement remind me that the craziness of this stage will soon be over and a new normal will start.





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