31 Days: Sunday Traditions

I know, I know I am supposed to be blogging for a total of 31 days but sometimes the weekends are jam packed with fun. In between the fun I don’t have time to turn on the computer and it’s a nice break. So please forgive me for taking the weekends off but with three kids it’s nice to interact with an adult; having J home on the weekend allows me to do just that.

Our Sunday traditions are pretty simple. We have been doing the same thing since before Big D was born and we have found that every baby adds a little bit more chaos to the crazy. This Sunday was no exception. The boys know every Sunday we go and see Jesus at church and they love getting ready. They love to wake up at 6:30 (way too early for mom) jump in our bed and ask to be held. We cuddle for a bit and then it is time to get ready.

The boys usually play and watch cartoons while I get breakfast ready and J gets in the shower. After eating, it’s time to get dressed and Big D is amazing at getting himself dressed. Little D isn’t and that is where we fight a bit. After coaxing and bribing Little D eventually will cave in and get dressed. Getting Baby G dressed is no problem. After all three kiddos are ready, it is my turn and that means I have about 20 minutes before we have to be out the door.

Getting out of the house is always a mad rush. Someone forgets shoes, or their favorite book. Usually I forget the offering envelope. Once we are in the car the kids know we are on our way to see Jesus and we are on our way. After mass we usually grab a bite to eat and head home for a relaxing Sunday of playing UNO and watching football. Having a new baby hasn’t changed our traditions but it has added to the craziness and the boys love showing off their new baby. Sundays like today warm my heart because I get to enjoy my babies and give thanks to God for all of my blessings.




3 thoughts on “31 Days: Sunday Traditions

  1. I love this! Give the babies kisses from us we love and miss you guys. God bless you all and continue to write these blogs, it’s an easy way to keep up with how everyone is doing over there.


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