7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Baby G is now officially 6 weeks old. What freaks me out the most is that time seems to go by quicker with baby #3. This officially means that in 6 weeks she will be considered an infant.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

— 2 —

Thursday Little D woke up sneezing. I knew he wasn’t feeling well when his eyes started drooping and he wanted to be cuddled. Being sick meant that he couldn’t kiss his baby. Boy was he not a happy camper. This was probably why he refused to nap and instead ran around the house screaming, “Roar” at the top of his lungs.

— 3 —

What do you do for your 6 year anniversary when you have kids in the house. You watch Scandal and Yukon Men because if you interact with other people your sleep deprivation may lead them to believe you are just that special.

— 4 —

Reading this article makes my heart sing. Now I feel a tad less guilty.

— 5 —

Highlight of our week was getting back on the NFP wagon. Yes, we practice NFP and no it is not the rhythm method. Yes, you can use the rhythm method but come on people counting is not my forte. Marrying an engineer affords you the luxury of not having to figure out how much to tip the waiter. Back to NFP if you are curious about it check out this post here and here.

— 6 —

This vlogger here is an inspiration and has just uploaded a new video. Go check her out.

— 7 —

Oh yes and I am loving the fall leaves around here.

Quick takes

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