31 Days: 6 Weeks

Baby G is now 6 weeks old and it is amazing to think back on what our family looked like before she arrived. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about adding another little one to our family dynamic. I was scared Little D would feel lonely. I was nervous Big D wouldn’t get to hang out with me during nap time.

Now that my fears have subsided I have learned that the boys are amazing big brothers. They love helping out and they love snuggling on the couch while I read stories and nurse.

Every day hasn’t been easy. There have been some days where I have locked myself in the bathroom because I needed a time out. Some nights where I couldn’t sleep because I was so exhausted. And there have been times where I wonder how God decided that I was a capable mother. During those moments I have wanted to run away. But thankfully at the end of those days I get kisses which melt my heart and remind me that everything is ok. Plus I love their little faces.

Baby G’s Newborn Pics Credit: Kandie’s Captured Moments
Silly boys who love staying in bed in the morning.



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