31 Days: Routines, Keep Them

After having a third baby, I finally get why some parents say a schedule saved their sanity. At our house a schedule doesn’t necessarily work. You see, I love planning and scheduling and knowing when things are going to happen. But when things don’t go as planned, my day seems like a waste. After we moved I tried scheduling things based on time. At this time we were going to wake up and at this time we were going to go outside. When we would miss the time I would feel defeated and lost. I gave up on the time schedule and moved on to a routine.

Our family is now used to this routine and the boys know what happens next, even after we have a disruption like story time at the library. Some items in our routine are based on a time. For instance, all of our meals are at a set time because sweet little boys who do not eat at regular intervals become angry, tantrum throwing little boys. Not having set times assigned to everything on our regular routine works well for us. Big D knows that after breakfast is finished he has chores to do. Then after he finishes his chores it’s free time to play with Little D in the toy room.

After welcoming Baby G into our family we have learned a routine has saved mom from going crazy. Having a set routine has kept the boys feeling like everything is back to normal. I have learned that it is easy to incorporate her needs with our routine and not miss out on playing with the boys. She has started nursing while the boys are doing chores and because they know what to do I don’t have to watch them. Being able to nurse her and enjoy them makes me feel less guilty about spending all day on the couch. Our routine has kept everyone from feeling lost and sometimes I get lucky and the routine allows two out of the three to nap at the same time. Keeping our routine has saved me from pulling out my hair more than once.


Two out of three asleep, isn’t bad.
Baby G got the nap memo that Big D missed.

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