31 Days: Ask for Help

Just do! Swallow your pride like I did and ask. With one baby it may be easy to manage life but with three, life is chaos embrace it.

With Big D I knew I could handle it. I was able to watch him during the day and keep the house in a semi-clean state. We weren’t walking over dirty clothes and the trash was taken out on a regular basis. Meals were in the freezer and if all else failed, J would just cook when he got home.

With Little D things were a little more complicated. Taking care of Big D and entertaining him took someone’s undivided attention. While that person played the other person kept the baby happy and when he slept was able to get a chore or two done. The house was more of a mess but Big D was nice enough not to blame his parents and life went on. We had a little less sleep and a lot more laundry but the daily routine of cleaning and cooking was manageable.

Now with three, a pile of dirty clothes, a sink full of dishes, and toys sprawled across the floor are a common sight. However, for this baby I was smart enough to set pride aside and ask for help. There were so many friends and family who were gracious enough to bring over dinner, who watched the baby while I showered, and who came over to play with the boys. These people saved my sanity. They were so kind and have kept me from losing it. The boys have also been so helpful. Big D keeps up with his own chores. He cleans his room, makes his bed, and helps with dishes. Little D succeeds in trying to clean up toys when he doesn’t get to distracted. But I have learned that one toy picked up by Little D is one less toy I end up stepping on and that is ok in my book.

So, for any moms out there who are adding to there already growing family my one piece of advice that I hope they take away is ask. Ask for help believe me it makes for a happier mom.


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