31 Days: Day 1 Introducing the New Baby

Becoming a parent is the craziest day of your life. You feel excitement and eagerness and then the Mack truck hits and you have a freak out moment. Oh sorry, that was just me. At 21, I had no clue how much a baby would change my life but now a wee bit older and with three kids in tow, each baby changes our family dynamic.

Baby number three has brought out some new changes. Baby G has changed our life in completely new ways. First, the most obvious is Baby G is in fact a girl. For our family this is a new adventure. After having two boys, a girl has added color to our closets; specifically pink and purple. I admit at first I was so against it but after three weeks of cute outfits and stretchy headbands, I am embracing the color palette. The boys were all about blue and green. Second, adding a third baby to our busy family has been challenging. Big D is in soccer and is doing at home preschool. In order for me to stay sane, I have learned to slow down. Lastly, Baby G has changed the amount of time we can spend with the boys. One on one time with each child is now very coveted for both the child and the parent.

Baby G at One Day Old


Having three babies all under five can be a challenge. Our biggest adjustment is adjusting to everything. Three kiddos all 5 and under has kept me on my toes as a mom, for the first month of Baby G’s life. Join me on the blog for the next 31 days of Baby G’s life and our family’s new normal. The next 31 days are going to be eventful.


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