31 Day Challenge


The 31 Days of Writing project is a challenge I am willing to accept. Since life kept me so busy last year I wanted to reconnect with writing and keep some memories for me and the kiddos. I say kiddos because currently our family is in a new season. Yes, Autumn and all of its beauty has decided to finally grace us with her presence, but our family is changing too. Last month we added a new member and by member I mean of course a baby. This writing series will cover how to adjust to a newborn, entertain two active little boys, and somehow manage to keep my sanity. So please enjoy!

Check Back Daily for all of the new links.

Day 1: Introducing A New Baby

Day 2: Recovering with Three

Day 3: Ask for Help

Day 4: Shopping with Three

Day 5: A Picture Tells a Story

Day 6: Making Memories with Three

Day 7: That One Question

Day 8: Routines, Keep Them

Day 9: Sleep

Day 10: 6 Weeks

Day 11: Sunday Traditions

Day 12: Cooking with Three

Day 13: Baby Wearing

Day 14: Sometimes

Day 15: 7 Quick Takes

Day 16: 7 weeks and counting

Day 17: Sleep

Day 18: The Next 31 Days

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