Pumpkin Guts

Last Thursday, we decided to hang out as a family and carve pumpkins. When I was little one of my favorite parts of Halloween was carving pumpkins. Last year, we painted our pumpkins because Little D was only two months old and Big D wanted to use crayons but we convinced him paint would work much better. This year after going to the pumpkin patch not once, but twice, we had a large assortment of pumpkins to choose from. Baby D had his baby pumpkins and Big D had his wrinkly pumpkin.


After setting up the paper we got to work taking out the guts. Big D touched the guts with the spoon but he did not even try touching them with his hand. He decided that was disgusting. However, Little D had the time of his life. Once he discovered he did not have to use his spoon, he was all over touching the guts.


The boys also got to hang out with some amazing friends and go trick-or-treating. One of the benefits to living in a small town is the accessibility to kid friendly fun. Big D loved walking around as Captain America and baby D decided that being a monster wasn’t scary at all.

DSCN1192                                            DSCN1202                               


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