Two Boys and A Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, the boys had  dentist appointments in the big city and after, we took them to the pumpkin patch.

Little D loved looking around at all of the animals. He even became a cow for a quick second. He also convinced Big D to become a horse.


Big D decided he liked the minion hay bale sculptures the best. Image

Both boys enjoyed playing in the corn with dad. Big D is still finding corn in his shoes. In fact he told me last night, “Mom I am going to save the corn and take it back to the corn pit. I need to return it.” Isn’t he adorable.



And finally, Little D had to show off his mad modeling skills. He was so excited to stand next to the scarecrow.


The boys loved spending the day at the pumpkin patch. Big D saw three pumpkins he just had to have and last night we used them to paint circles on a large sheet of paper.  Next week, I will post a blog about the boys carving their pumpkins.


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