What I’m Loving Wednesday

I have always been inspired by my friend Tiffany over at Figuring Out the Plot. Her blog is amazing and she often posts about what she is loving on Wednesday. Since today is hump day and it means the weekend is near, I want to share some favorites and of course pictures with everyone.

1. Balloon Fiesta

I love Balloon Fiesta. I love the mass ascension and I love the noise and people. Call me crazy but when it comes to waking up at 3 am to see the balloons launch at 7 am, I am there. J and I have gone every year since my first year in college and I hope it is a tradition we carry on for the rest of our lives. If you have never been I highly recommend it. The boys loved it.



DSCN0787 (2) DSCN0788 (2) DSCN0875 (2) DSCN0829 (2)

2. October

I love October. I love the Fall air and the smell of chile roasting. I also love watching the leaves change from green to yellows and reds. Because of the move I am lucky enough to see the changing of colors happen a little sooner than normal.

3. Anniversaries

Five years. We have been married five years (tomorrow) and it still amazes me how much I love J. He makes me laugh and holds me when I cry. I have no doubt that he will be there for the rest of my life. He is my rock. The last five years have taught me to be patient, to be humble, and to be persistent. There have been rocky times and there have been days where I wonder what did I get myself into. But by no means have I ever questioned my love for J and his love for me. As I type this he is making baby D laugh and to me his love for our family will always fill my heart. So here is to another year of marriage; may it be filled with love, hugs, and of course wine to get us through the tough times.


4. This Post http://www.scarymommy.com/perfect-enough/

Sometimes as moms, we get stuck in the rut and wonder if we are enough. The author of the post sums it up perfectly.

– Becca

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